Welcome to Echo Ceramics, LA!

Welcome to Echo Ceramics, a teaching pottery studio in Los Angeles.  OUR HOLIDAY SALE IS DECEMBER 9, FRIDAY, FROM 4 TO 9 PM AND DECEMBER 10, SATURDAY, FROM 11 AM TO 4 PM. PLEASE COME VISIT US! (studio will be closed for practice during that time).

We're proud to inspire hundreds of members and students every year, teaching them to make beautiful pots and improving their skills with creative input and excellent instruction. We're excited to share their discovery of passion and happiness by creating simple objects out of clay in today's technology driven world.

Our studio is equipped with 18 wheels, three large gas kilns, 25 in house made high fire (cone 10) glazes, spray booth, slab-roller and an extruder. We carry Aardvark clay, available for purchase.  We fire two bisque and three to four glaze kilns each week, reduction and oxidation firings. Please note that our Westlake location has been closed. (Ventura County residents -- please stop signing up and asking for a refund, we appreciate it)!

Address: 4875 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90016.  Exit LaBrea north and go east on Washington. We are under a big sign that says CLEANERS (frosted glass door).

Office hours: Monday - Friday 2 - 7 pm

Open studio hours for practice: Monday - Friday 1 to 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 1 - 5 pm 

Phone number: sorry, we don't answer our phone, as we often teach classes, load kilns, etc. But if you must: 323-931-4810.

For information please e-mail us (click here)! echo@echoceramics.com