Surface design for ceramic objects, Saturdays, 4-6 pm, 4 weeks


Surface Design for ceramics objects, a four-week project based workshop, will expose students to a variety of techniques, materials and methods they can use to decorate and embellish the ceramic pieces they create on the wheel or by hand. Some techniques included will be: slip use, coloration and application, englobe use, use of shellac as a resist on dry green-ware, layering techniques.

Please bring money for clay on your first day of class (around $10), a notebook for sketching, any tools you may have. If you can, please bring a leather hard piece(s) to work on, if you don't have one, don't worry -- we will have something for you. Prior experience recommended, but not necessary.

Practice time: 1-7 pm daily, $1 per pound for glaze firing, bisque firing included.

Instructor: Donna, @donnadesoto

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