Sculpture firing -- done!  Large downdraft kiln

Echo Ceramics offers an extensive range of services for clay artists and anyone who needs expert input.  We offer sculpture firing, raku firing (members only), china paint and luster firing, low fire.  Cones 06, 6, and 10. Sculpture firings remain very popular, as we do them every week. Sorry, no mold making or pouring provided, but we will fire your mold-made work. 

We have three large gas kilns, the biggest we can fire is 24x24 inches wide by 40 inches high OR 32x32 inches wide by 32 inches high. We fire two bisque and three to four glaze kilns each week, reduction and oxidation firings. Please see below for pricing. Wait time is two weeks per firing, so plan accordingly. Rush fees available, but not guaranteed.

We also specialize in custom-made projects for TV, movies, commercials, etc. Anything that can be made out of clay - we can make it. We come out to the set if you need help setting up. Our clients have included HGTV's "That's Clever" (watch the episode in our videos page), 20th Century Fox "Bones" (season 3, episode 10), NBC's "Community", (season 1, episode 19), Glee, and Georgia State Lottery commercial, as well as numerous dating shows, such as "Blind Date," "Date from Hell," and "Parental Control." Our most recent client is a Starbucks commercial 2015! Also, see this clip from the Ameriprize commercial from 09/2015, pottery part of which was filmed at Echo Ceramics:

Our studio is available for filming and our equipment is available for rent. Current fee to shoot at our studio is $3000 per day. Wheel rental is $85 per day per wheel. Please e-mail for all other prices.

If you have a special project you made and need a place to fire it, we will be happy to do it for you. We fire cones 06, 6 and 10. Please have the following information ready: what type (cone) clay you use, how many firings you will need (bisque, or glaze, or both), what type of glaze you are applying (if any), how long the piece has been dry. If you are not sure of any of this, please refer to your school or vendor who sold you clay. A lot of information is available online. You may contact one of our instructors for a training session at $85 an hour. Please bring in your work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays after 1 pm.  Please e-mail us to make sure Ki is at the studio when you come. All work MUST be pre-paid and approved by Ki to be fired. Please don't leave your work unattended even if someone told you it's okay. Turn around is about two weeks per firing, depending on our load. All work must be done prior to bringing your work for firing, including drying, painting, glazing, etc. Thank you!

Echo Ceramics Price List

Firing Fee for Non-Members:

Pottery firing, one firing, per cu. ft:  $50 minimum ($0.03 per cu. inch)
Sculpture firing, per cu. ft.:  $55 - $65 minimum, depending on thickness
All outside firing prices do not include glaze or glazing. If you need to glaze your work at our place, the price is equivalent of what you paid for one firing. Cone 10 glazes only.
All outside firing minimum is one cubic foot, we prorate after 1 cu. ft.

ALL FIRING DROP OFFs SHOULD BE DONE WITH KI IN PERSON, please do not leave anything at the studio, even when someone there tells you it's okay and "they will get back to you." We have a huge amount of work being fired weekly and if you just leave it there -- it's at your own risk. All drop offs need to be paid for prior to firing and approved only by Ki. Thank you!

Private lessons: $85 per hour per person for 1-2 people, $65 per hour per person for 3-5 people, $49 for groups of 6 and more. Please refer to our Events page.

One day membership: $85 per person (includes 25 lbs of Soldate 60 or similar clay).

Gift Certificates are available in any amount and can be used towards any service at our studio. Great birthday or holiday gift!

For information please e-mail us (click here)