Echo Ceramics provides monthly memberships for clay artists with experience. As a member, you will enjoy full access to the studio 24/7, access to 20 Brent and Shimpo wheels, hand-building area with a slab roller and a North Star extruder, spray booth, and 25 Cone 10 glazes mixed at the studio.  Chucks, water buckets, sponges and other necessities are provided. Members should have their own tools and bats. We carry many types of clay from Aardvark, which are available for sale at the studio. You're welcome to bring your own clay as long as it's cone 10. We sell Amaco underglazes and cone 06 and cone 5 glazes, tools, etc. We fire reduction, oxidation, low fire, overglaze, saggar, and raku firing. We have four large gas kilns plus raku kiln outside in a spacious backyard. The biggest size we can fire is 24x24 inches wide by 40 inches high OR 32x32 inches wide by 32 inches high. We fire two bisque and three to four glaze kilns each week, reduction and oxidation firings.

As much as we love your dogs, please leave them at home to insure harmonious atmosphere among potters. Same goes for the kids, we understand you would love to share your passion for ceramics with your little ones, but a lot of members come to the studio to get away from their own kids:)) Thank you for your understanding.

Creative atmosphere in our studio, friendly helpful members and staff, and the level of expertise among teachers, make Echo Ceramics a very solid choice when selecting your place to create. We fostered many life-long friendships and even some marriages among members and students that came to meet at Echo Ceramics. It's a friendly and non-threatening place where everyone can express themselves through clay.

Membership requirements: prior experience, photos or samples of your work, initial three months commitment to the studio (paid monthly). Credit card information will be held on file for all members for any balances and membership fees. NO production work will be accepted due to space and firing limitations. Each member receives an entry code to access the studio 24/7. To apply for a membership, please set up an appointment (text to 310-989-4295) to talk about your needs and to see whether we are a good fit for each other. We currently have a wait list for our membership. Please come check out the studio and place your name on the wait list. Approximately two months wait time.

Membership: $185 a month. There will be an increase of $25 in membership cost starting September 2019. Personal shelf for work-in-progress will be provided. We charge $1 per pound for all types of firing except bisque (bisque is included). Please note that if you want to bring a friend to share your clay experience you can do so for a $45 fee per day (does not include clay or firing). 

Class fee for members is 40% off any class.

Private lesson with any of our instructors is $65 per person per hour for members and students. $85 for non-members. Please refer to the services page for more information about non-members.

Note:  We reserve the right to deny service to anyone to insure harmonious working atmosphere for our members and students. We expect members to adhere to our code of conduct: please remain courteous, do not discuss politics in the studio, clean after yourself thoroughly (clean your wheel area, sweep around, make sure to wash all items you used and put them back into appropriate places), do not touch anybody's work on shelves. Stay friendly and positive!!!

For information please e-mail us (click here)